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Where do we begin?

Ridiculous assumptions, secrets, weaknesses, egos, pettiness, ignorance, and stubbornness rear their ugly heads day in and day out in the advertising and creative industries.

Agencies, industry professionals, and clients can and should want to do better than what we’re doing today. I’ve spent 15 plus years in the industry, working as a designer/developer, freelancing, becoming a Partner and CEO of a small agency and I’ve noticed over the years that there are a plethora of things happening in and around the advertising and creative industries that have never and will never make sense, but we look past them daily and accept them as the norm.

I believe that transparency is a big part of what makes me who I am. I also believe that sharing experiences and thoughts with others can be therapeutic (business owners be stressed ya know?), educational, and potentially motivating to make change.

Will we ever solve all of the weird issues we deal with in our industry? Probably not. But why blindly move forward and just accept our fates without taking an introspective look at how we got here in order to learn how to be better?

This blog could be considered many things; opinionated, revealing, humiliating, humorous, controversial, and maybe even incorrect from a macro perspective, but it will always be one thing… honest.

So let’s just talk about it?